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Like · a · grenade · with · the · pin · still · in.

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Hello everybody!

To let you know, I'm moving journals. This one has been going on for quite some time and it's due to be put to rest.

If you like me a little, please comment & add aftertheschism. It will be 100% Friends Only, at least for the time being.

See you there!
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I know everyone knows who she is now because she was on Perez, but I think I would like to watch Katy Perry make out with Zooey Deschanel pretty much right now.

Plus! Katy! Fame to the name! To those not in the know: Before the age of 12, my name was Katy. With a Y. Deal!
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Read it, if you'd like!

That makes for a grand total of 9 more than Mary. Wow, Mary, you and I are film junkies. HOORAY. That is all for now.

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So that is the mildly (and I do mean mildly) entertaining Lumiere film I had to do for school. The only requirements were that it be 48 seconds long and that the camera didn't move. Both of those things are true. It's otherwise awful! I'm very sick. I might redo it by Tuesday but who knows!

I also wrote a script that is kinda cute and worked on presents because it's apparently EVERYBODY's birthday right now.

I think you are cute!
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I really like this week's a softer world. I haven't been very bothered one way or the other about them lately, but I really, really like this one.

I also wish they would reprint this Threadless shirt:

And here are some things that people in my film class said today:

D: "Her purpose is just to be blonde."

R: "Key grip? Best boy? What are those things?"
L: "Those are the jobs you get if you go to the New York Film Academy."
M: "Once you go key grip, you never go back."

D: "Realistically, it's false."

(All the ones below were about the hypothetical film title "Thirsty Babies," for which we had to come up with a pitch.)

J: "The babies, they savagely attack women and ruin their lives, basically."
M: "Do they go for just the mammaries or the whole breast?"
J: "Nah, just straight mammaries."

J: "There wouldn't be much dialogue. It'd just be like 'waaaah.' And screams."
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I decided to make my entry in Illustrator today. I don't know why. It's prettier than usual.

I can't even think anymore. I may be unconscious soon.

Vincenzo turns 19 in a few short weeks! Get hyped.

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Because I like to pretend that people read my journal:

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Yesterday, Vincenzo and I played house as part of an entirely domestic day. We did laundry! Got groceries! Went to the bank! Cleaned! It was a fully successful day. We were going to go to 300 but that didn't happen, so I'm hoping we'll go tonight. I like to pretend sometimes that I don't live by myself. Helen doesn't count!

Also, I am back from Toronto, which was only a mildly successful trip, despite the shopping! Oh, the shopping. Well, I'm back here now and back to work on Wednesday night so come visit me and buy my candy. It's delicious.

I really want to buy a Mac. I have enough money to do so now, but I think I'll wait until a bit into summer, when I have enough money FOR SURE.

They're so beautiful.

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Hey remember the time when I found a human tooth down on Delancey?
Hey remember that time we decided to kiss anywhere except the mouth?
Hey remember that time when my favorite colors were pink and green?
Hey remember that month when I only ate boxes of tangerines?
So cheap and juicy!

Hey remember that time when I would only read Shakespeare?
Hey remember that other time when I would only read the backs of cereal boxes?
Hey remember that time I tried to save a pigeon with a broken wing?
A street cat got him by morning and I had to bury pieces of his body in my building’s playground...
I thought I was going to be sick.


I love Regina Spektor. I listened to her album yesterday on the GO! train to Union Station and I felt very urban.

Every time I go to Toronto I get so excited and then as soon as I'm here, I wish I was back in Halifax. That's my city. I don't want to live anywhere else.

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